Bodywork NZ

Consultative, Remedial Physical Therapy

Hi – I’m Danny.

Thanks for taking the time to find out more about me and the therapy services I can provide.

I have been practising massage since 2003. While working in Telecommunications Sales, and then Project Management, I also worked part-time as a qualified fitness instructor.

Throughout my life, my interest in health and anatomy & physiology from a holistic perspective lead me to study physiotherapy, then massage.

I’ve been self employed since 2011 in Sydney, Australia working at home and by appointment at Sydney Bodywork in the city. I then travelled for some time.

I do a mixture of therapies predominantly focusing on diagnosing and treating, then coaching clients to keep themselves as pain free as possible.

I provide a mobile service – I come to you for your treatment.

Call / Text: 0204 163 9662



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