This is YOUR treatment session.

There’s nothing worse than paying good money for a massage that doesn’t quite hit the spot, or even worse, leaves you in more pain than before the treatment. Beyond the massage itself, walking out pain free for a few hours is great – but wouldn’t it be good if you could understand why it happened, and how to manage your physical comfort levels more, simply by yourself?

With a working knowledge of the muscles of our bodies, and experience with human nature and modern living constraints, my service can be more than just a simple massage. I listen, and then between us, figure out ways we might resolve the issues that lead you to seek a physical treatment. It might be as simple as a focussed massage to fix something acute that’s happened, and simply needs resetting. It might be something more chronic, that needs a plan put in place to manage and resolve the condition.

Massage, stretching, exercises, some advice around existing physical habits.

This is your treatment session – it will be done with your needs in mind.

At the beginning of your appointment, we’ll talk about what has caused you to seek a treatment, along with your expectations, problem areas to work on, areas to avoid.  Understanding what is causing the pain now and what has lead to it helps us decide how best to treat the condition.

We will also talk about existing or historical injuries or issues that may affect the treatment, and if anything is coming up that would affect how we treat the condition.

During your Massage

I prefer to hear your feedback during the massage. This helps me get the treatment right, addressing problems really effectively and helps you relax knowing you are encouraged to give feedback during the treatment.

Too deep? Too soft?
For the depth, strength or pressure, I use a scale 1-through-10, where 10 is too hard, and 6 is a bit on the soft side. 7 means its perfect for you.  Simply saying a number easily lets me know what level of intensity I can work at. I can usually tell intuitively after 1 or 2 “check-ins” with you about the level of intensity that will work for you, so we may not need to constantly talk throughout the treatment.

Really? That long..??
Many clients don’t realize how much time has passed during a treatment. For varied reasons, clients end up preferring a longer duration massage. Most of my regular clients choose between 1.5 and 2.5 hour treatments.

After the Treatment – Stretching, Exercises, Physical Habit Coaching

Some people find 5-10 minutes of slightly dizzy-feelings after a more focussed, intense treatment session. It’s usually better not to have to walk or drive straight away if you think the treatment is going to be a significant session.

Stretching is a greatly under-rated component of everyones health and fitness. I’m a strong advocate of appropriate stretching, so will always offer ways to stretch that may work for you in your daily life.

Having worked as a qualified fitness instructor, I can help with your exercise regime, considering the specific things we found during your session and your current activity level – be it at a gym, or simply going for walks during the week.

Physical Habits include everything from how you sleep at night, your pillow, sleeping position, to how you feel when you wake up in the morning. How you sit in your car, stand in certain positions, wear/carry your bag, sit on the couch to watch TV – and so the list goes on. Everyday things done repeatedly – habits – can significantly impact your level of muscular flexibility, and thus comfort.

Call / Text: 0204 163 9662


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